Wednesday, September 21, 2011

hump day playlist

Happy Wednesday! I’m really happy it’s Wednesday today, it’s closer to the weekend! This week so far was pretty busy and exhausting and I’m really looking forward to this weekend, although I have nothing special planned or anything, but one thing is for certain… I will relax! But before I do just that, there’s still a few things left to do this week, and one of them is a few songs I’ve lined up for todays playlist! Hope you enjoy!

sheepHeadphone 1.1

Regina Spektor – Aching to Pupate



Mumford and Sons – The Cave



Adele – Hometown Glory



Florence & the Machine – I’m not calling you a Liar



Regina Spektor – Pavlov’s Daughter



Ingrid Michaelson – Starting Now


The Weepies – All that I want

There’s a few songs I think you all might have heard already, but these are my favourites for a while now and had to share them with you. Have a wonderful day!