Friday, September 9, 2011

friday reads to love

I’m saying hello from Groblersdal again today, I’m visiting my parents and tomorrow I’m going to watch Katinka take part in her first athletics day at school! I’m so excited (but not about the part that I have to get up really early though, I like sleeping-in when I’m at my parents)!  I’ll take as many photos as I possibly can and I’ll try to take some videos too… A Friday won’t be a Friday without a re-cap from the awesome reads this week, so hope you love them as much as I have…
friday reads to love


Absolutely stunning photos from my suitcase heart, like always. These photos are from their honeymoon in Hawaii on a red sand beach, posted on the 9th of September 2011.


A Friday reads to love will never be complete without a mention from the wonderful Everyday Musings blog, Olivia Rae knows exactly how to capture the charm and wonder of any place, and I can’t wait to visit these places one day, 
            here’s a few wonderful posts from this week on her blog, “weekend (in
            bordeaux)”, “a few more scenes from nice”, “vineyard touring” and “a picnic”.
            The best post to visit is “a little film about dordogne”, stunning music and perfect
            editing, makes anyone see the wonders of everyday life!


Seriously, if there is one of you who didn’t check out the IndieBerries blog yet, it’s absolutely hilarious and I loved “the curse of vacation”, I think most of us can relate to what she had to say… ;)


Stunning photos from from here’s looking at me kid, I love the angles and random-looking shots from “Green eats green coasts”. This photography really inspires me to become even more creative with my photos.


Cutest Baby shower I’ve seen in a while over at The Pretty Blog, so creative, I would never have come up with these ideas for a farm style theme, I absolutely loved “Baby on Board {Baby shower}

Happy weekend! May you have a wonderful weekend, filled with love and adventures!


Stephanie said...

have fun tomorrow & i can't wait for the photos!!

love ya!!!

ps. i love your friday reads to love posts

Che said...

:) thanks for the blog love! :) muchos appreciate!