Wednesday, September 7, 2011

hump day playlist

Hello, hope you all have a happy Wednesday, just to catch you all up, I took the day off yesterday, so that I could get my divers licence and things sorted out after the horrible event of loosing it… It was actually not that bad, on Monday in between the day at work I luckily got a new card from the bank (yay! I can swipe away my money again!). After work I got an affidavit from the police that my licence was lost and I went for an eye-test for my diver’s licence forms I had to fill out. Yesterday, I went to the Drivers Licence office in Centurion, to apply for a temporary licence and to apply for the permanent one, all in all, with taking photos, standing in the queue and filling in forms it took me about 20minutes and R300 later, I had a temporary licence, the permanent one would take about 6 weeks before I can go and pick it up…  but at least I got everything done in time and now I can share with you my hump day playlist… I hope you love it!









Barry Louis Polisar – All I want is You


Adele – Rolling in the Deep


Ingrid Michaelson – Starting now


Cage the Elephant – Flow


Christina Perri – Daydream


Joshua Radin – Closer


Biffy Clyro – Little Soldiers

May you have a musical and wonderful Wednesday! :)


Stephanie said...

your driver's licence 'issue' was A LOT easier than changing my surname on my passport & id book. how bad is that?

i don't know some of these songs - need to go and have a listen & add to my playlist.

love Ya! xx