Thursday, December 1, 2011


I’m finally back from a little blog break I took, believe me when I say, I celebrated my birthday the entire month :) I took this little blog break to have time to think  some things through, after turning 21, I felt old (I know I’m not old yet, something I realised while contemplating my life), it felt like things are happening too fast to keep up with, it’s been a hard couple of weeks, in these few weeks we lost a friend who’s only 19, he had so much life left to live, but I realised that some things happen for a reason right? I re-evaluated my friendships and realised the time has ran out for me to keep chasing after friendships that is just not worth the effort, friendships I make a priority when I’m only the option. I  realised that right now, I’m exactly the person I want to be and I’m happy with that, I figured out where I want to be in a couple of years, and I’ll start planning on how to get there. I realised how special every single person is in my life is to me, and I want all of them to know how much I cherish and love them. I had to take this time to realise all of the important things in my life, and to let go of the things that’s not. I won’t give up on my blog yet, because I enjoy documenting my life. So you’ll see so a lot from now on!

Just to show what I’ve been up to lately, these are a few photos from my phone I took during this month, (I stayed clear of my camera for a while, so I have zero photos to share form this month, except for the photos I’ll be sharing tomorrow and the ones I took from my phone).

Cocktails & My birthday flowers
The first three photos was from a day Heleen, Mario and I went for cocktails at Baobab in Menlyn Mall, we also went to Aandklas for my birthday on the 2nd of November. The last photo, is flowers I received from my colleagues at work for my birthday,  so beautiful.

Rustenburg Weekend
The first photo I took of the clouds on my way to Rustenburg, it was such a beautiful day. The second and third photo is of Carmen, her husband Emile and I at Newscafe one night having some cocktails. I had so much fun with them!

I went to Rustenburg to visit my cousin, Carmen the day after my birthday and I spent about 4 days with her and her husband. I helped her out with her Contemporary Dance School’s first show, and I have to say it was absolutely fantastic! She’s got around 100 kids in her school, and the ages of the kids are from 5 years up to high school. It was a spectacular show and a huge success! I’m so proud of her!
Carmen I Dance I Live show
Photo on the left is one of her dancers in a solo, it was absolutely stunning, and the photo on the left is the poster she used for her show, the kids with the balloons at the bottom of the poster is also from her show.

Wedding & Johann 21st
The first photo I took on my way to Groblersdal for the weekend, one of my friends got married (2nd photo), I can’t believe the first one of our friends got married! The last two photos was on my  friend’s 21st birthday, which was the same day as the wedding, after the wedding I went to Johann’s 21st, I was absolutely exhausted after that weekend!

From Groblersdal to Pretoria
These three photos was from the ride back home after the weekend in Groblersdal. We live in a gorgeous country!

4 Cute photos of Katinka (my sister’s little daughter), the first was taken in my aunt’s home in Pretoria and the second was in a shopping centre, she loves her sunglasses. The last two was at my mum’s home in Groblersdal, Katinka saw what her grandmother did, and wanted to do the same… washing dishes.

Photo above I took on my way back from a weekend in Groblersdal, all around us it was raining extremely hard! But it was so beautiful!
Weather last couple of weeks
Some of our strange but absolutely gorgeous weather we had the last couple of weeks. (Today we have rainy weather)

I’m back on my blog for good, so you’ll see more activity from here on! Check back tomorrow for a post I can’t wait to share :)


Stephanie said...

LOVE the photos!! (even if it's taken with your phone).

Glad you are back!

Everyone needs a time off, now and again!

LOVE YA!!! xx