Friday, December 2, 2011


About two weeks ago, my sister Heleen and I went to Pretoria’s Voortrekkermonument (Afrikaans and Dutch for pioneers, literally "those who trek ahead", "fore-trekkers). It was absolutely stunning, I had such a great time taking photos! Everyone in and visiting South Africa should definitely go there at least once in their life!

the view from the monument was absolutely breathtakingly beautiful!
There’s a view from the monument of the Union Buildings! :)
Statues on the wall inside the monument, it was spectacular, I can’t believe how awesome this looked!
This is a monument for all the “voortrekkers” who had died in war the words “ons vir jou suidafrika” translated in english means “We for you South-Africa”. The monument was designed that once a year on a specific day the sun would be directly above the monument and would shine right through the roof unto this words on this “grave”. It’s on the 16th on December and I’ll try to make it this year, to see if I can get a photo of it to show you.
Here’s some things the voortrekkers used all those many years ago, I took these photos in the museum part of the monument, and I must say that most of these things are fascinating and…. OLD… hahaha
PB190140PB190142PB190144PB190162PB190172This was my favourite, I was fascinated by how they made candles back in the day!
PB190182PB190185PB190186PB190189PB190192Both these photos was taken from the roof, where the sun will shine directly down on the “grave” area inside the monument on 16th December.
PB190195PB190197Statues on the outside of the monument of the 4 leader voortrekkers.

I will most definitely go to the Monument again, I had such a wonderful time and there’s so many things to see, there was just not enough time in our day to see everything we wanted to. Hope you have a wonderful Friday! :)


Stephanie said...

AWESOME photos!! i use to LOVE going there! it's still one of my favourite places to go!

you should definitely go there on the 16th, i think the sunlight comes in through the roof at exactly 12 o'clock.

love ya!!!

Lilah said...

These photos are amazing! Lovely post! I always enjoy reading about new places :) thank you for sharing!